Monday, March 2, 2015

To the child with the constant cold feet

Please don't rub your cold toes on my legs. It's startling and I do not enjoy it. Put on slippers. Put on socks. Grab a blanket. There are so many other options to your dilemma than crying to me and then touching me with your freezing cold toes. 

Also, while we're on the subject. Get better at putting your socks and shoes on the first (or even second or third) time I ask. Don't wait until we're in a battle where I'm backing out of the garage and you're crying at the door shoeless telling me not to go. You can't go outside without your shoes. That's how life works. Put your socks & shoes on and you can always come outside with me. Remember that.

Also, tell your parents to turn up the heat. Your toes are cold far too often. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

7 days, 7 nights, 5 kids, 2 moms, 1600+ miles : road trip to AZ

My sister, Melina, and I took a road trip to Arizona to visit our grandparents a few weeks back. It was super awesome (and also awful and hard) and we're so glad we did it (but are not eager to do it again.) She has 3 kids (5,3, 9 months) plus my 2 kids (3.5, 1) and we felt outnumbered nearly all the time and slightly cray cray most of the time too. But! It was fun! And also we are such a great team (and I love my sister so damn much and we always have easy laughs even if she packs weird food for kids and makes me annoyed sometimes.) She is overly efficient and planned and puts up with my laid back ill-preparedness (which I'd argue is actually more prepared than normal people but she always scoffs at me so she obviously doesn't think so.) I drove the whole time while she was super-mom-mary-poppins back and forth from the front to the back as she took care of all the kids. We had moments of pure bliss when kids were calm and happy or watching a show, we had a ton of times where one or more were crying, and we had TWO 2-hour stretches where all five children were asleep. ALL FIVE. EZ continued his streak of being car sick & threw up four different times, but is very proficient with his own personal puke bucket and it was breezy. Lucy gets MVP for the trip for being the sweetest and calmest, Sully cried the most in the car because he was over his carseat almost all the time, and the three big kids played well together (except when they were fighting.)

We arrived in Tucson, AZ after two days of travel and were greeted with such happiness from my Grandma & Grandpa. Grandpa Boerup is old and forgetful and doesn't know who we are anymore, but he was very sweet with the kids & loved watching them play around the house. Grandma Boerup is amazing and everything I hope I can be when I get old. Smart, pretty, resilient, and always loves holding a baby. We weren't going to sleep at their house to avoid the chaos of 5 kids, but it may be our last time sleeping there for who knows how long so we just packed us all in there somehow and made it work. Dinnertime was the WORST because kids suck the life out of meal times (UGH) but we had a lot of really nice moments. And after bedtime we were able to chat with our Grandma about her long life (she'll be 90 this year!) and how strong and wonderful and exhausting it is to have lived so long. She's had so much joy and yet so much loss.
Our mom packed some homemade play-doh for the kids to use while we were there and Grandma got right down to business helping them make nests and eggs for over an hour. We were so grateful we could go since they haven't had a house full of kids for a long time, and she kept commenting how nice it was to have us there. We almost always had a baby strapped to us or our hands full of kids, but we also were able to make some dinners for them & spend some time with other family as well. 
Oh, this was funny. So the pool isn't heated and was obviously cold (it was February!) but the kids slowly started dipping their feet in, then their pants came off, then their underwear, and so we finally put their swimsuits on & their floaties just in case. Well good thing we did because Ryder pushed EZ in and then Melina pushed Ryder in and there was some extreme wailing!! Haha. It wasn't scary because they were just fine, but it was really funny. And a little traumatizing (but isn't that childhood?) So many grandkids have fallen in that pool and I'm glad we have our own story to tell our kids. Melina said "I've never seen EZ swim so fast!"
The drive was long, but also pretty. We hit some snow on our way back and instead of staying a day in Vegas to play, we just came home because the weather was bad. I will say, I bet it was exhausting watching us. Two moms who had their hands full almost all the time was tiring living it, but sometimes we'd laugh thinking about what it looked like from the outside.

For example, continental breakfast with 5 kids under the age of 5. HA! Sit kids down, one baby on one hip, one baby in high chair. Get dry fruit loops in three separate bowls to get kids started, go start cooking waffle while filling three cups of apple juice, then get banana and yogurt, tell kids to sit back down, get one giant plate of eggs and some sausage, waffle is beeping, go get waffle & syrup, clean up spilled apple juice, get three plates of waffle/egg/sausage ready for the three kids while also tiny bites for the 1 year old, keep baby off floor but need hands to cut waffles for kids, try to force kids to eat food, clean up spilled plate, comfort kid who is crying, give baby more food to eat, take one kid to bathroom, force another bite of food, threaten them that they will get no more food if they don't eat now, sh's them from being noisy, clean up another spilled cup... etc etc. Just on and on. And within all that, try to make them behave like respectable humans and also eat something yourselves. Ha! It doesn't really seem like a big deal while doing it, but thinking about it or watching the faces of those around us made it funny to think about the dance we had to continually do.
Also, so much stuff. Always so much stuff.

We love our grandparents & family and were so thankful to visit Arizona. Next time we go might be for memorials, so we're really happy we made it happen.

Friday, February 27, 2015

happy birthday sullivan!!

One! Uno! We're so happy to celebrate our Sully bear! Right now he's tucked into his bed asleep in a cute new pair of jim jams hopefully sleeping off the sugar and the ear infections. Oh yeah, we went to the doctor's office today and he has a double ear infection (which explains his recent crankiness & terrible sleeping... we just thought he was cutting more teeth. sorry bubba!) 

EZ and I woke up early to go pick up some donuts & balloons and as soon as EZ heard a peep from Sully he ran in there and put all the balloons in the crib and it was a party! I love a morning face'd baby so much. And he loved his blueberry donut very much.
 Very much indeed, sweet sweet donut.
We hit up Dr. Pete's office, the pharmacy, and then Barnes & Noble to let him crawl around and chew on other people's germs. Babies are so gross.
After a 2nd nap and a bath, we invited the grandparents over for a few presents and some cakie cake. EZ wrapped the firetruck with me and thought it would be nice to include a "hose" which was really the wrapping paper tube and once Sully got a hold of it, he basically did not care one ounce for anything else. Which was fine, because EZ was more than happy to step in. Also, Sullivan has tentatively started using the walker &  it's purty cute. We want him to walk by April so we have one month to get this kid moving!
A homemade cake! He was mas o menos into it and mostly liked to poke the frosting.
Sully looks huge here! But I guess he's one now, so that's just how it happens. Goes by fast and slow all at once. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We love you little bear! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

a difference of three months

I took the first handful of pictures back in November before Sullivan learned to crawl when he was a pathetic little worm. But that head against the reflection picture right there? This is what Sully does to people!! He loves to push his forehead against theirs and like has a moment with them and it's just about the sweetest thing. He does it to me all the time (especially when he's feeling shy) but he sure does know how to make people feel special with this weird little mind meld he does. It's amazing. This was also right after he had his first haircut so he looks so clean cut!

I took the rest of these photos today. Since his first birthday is this week I'm over here totally feeling nostalgic. It's so weird because we obviously love him so much and it's exciting he's getting big, but also I feel like I want to stop everything and gather more time to get to know him! I haven't blogged enough this past year which means I haven't been writing all of his wonderful and quirky qualities and milestones down anywhere, and so I just want more time to get to know him as he is right now. It's hard to be a 2nd child since the first one is such an attention hog (ahem... EZ breezy anyone?) So in a last ditch effort to write about his first year before it's officially over, here are a few #sullybear fun facts. 

He likes to hold the bottle himself and will NOT take it if it's cold. Like, heaven forbid we have an emergency where we can't warm it up because this child will starve before he takes a cold bottle. Drama! 

When he cuts teeth, he CUTS TEETH. Meaning they all come at once. Four at a time? Three more at a time? Sure! Why not. He's on his way to 8 but not quite yet. You can't see his top teeth when he smiles yet, but they are chunky teeth and appear to have a big 'ol gap in between them! Cute huh?

He is happy and chill and easy going 85% of the time and then freaking out like a mad man the other 15%. And I mean FREAKING out too, he takes that part of himself very seriously. And too often at night like an hour or so after he's gone to sleep he wakes up hollering loudly either for food or comfort or for some other reason we can't figure out and it's sad and frustrating until he finally calms down. He's hit and miss for sleeping through the night but is mostly good at napping, so it's fine. 

He does his little machine gun laugh when I tickle in just the right spots, but rarely laughs hard for Matt. It's hilarious how frustrated it makes Matt! Ha. Sully is mostly so happy even when he's being shy with strangers he flashes his toothy smile. 
His hair grows in blonde at the roots but then turns red toward the ends as it gets longer. And it'll change in the light very quickly. It's way thicker & longer than EZ's was at this age though, so that's cool. We like a little strawberry blonde and I hope it sticks around.

He didn't roll until he was like 6 or 7 months old, and even then didn't like it much. He decided to craw around 10 months but even now does the sideways monkey leg-drag crawl if the ground isn't soft enough. He points that little pointer finger at everything and is starting to stand on his own but probably another month or so away from walking. He still scrunches his toes all the time like a wittle baby. 
Oh Sullivan. What a character. I can say that he seems like a baby still because I remember thinking EZ at 1 year was so big, but our Sully boy seems small still. He's also not saying any words and EZ was already well on his way to being a chatter box, so that's different. Plus EZ was already having to wear patches on his eyes and just seemed bigger in size too. It's pretty cool to get to experience two kids and all their differences. Sometimes when Sully strikes a pose or makes a certain face Matt will start laughing and say "Ha! It's like looking at a boy Carla!" I mean, what a compliment since he's so fetching cute ;) 

ps. This bunny is EZ's fave and EZ wanted to take a picture of him and so here it is. Nice work, kid! Glad we have this velveteen rabbit memorialized.

Friday, February 13, 2015

northern utahns for 2 days

We spent the last 2 days together partying like a family and I liked it so much and was so excited about the pictures and the memory making that I just wanted to get it on the books right away. I think that's a sign of a good time eh eh.

We bought a new van and it's the best. It's a freaking transformer that opens when we push a button and it's leather and and has a DVD player and the works! Grown up stuff. So for it's initiation we packed it up and drove to northern Utah for the Dinosaur Park for a few hours before heading to Crystal Hot Springs for a hot soak. Matt kept referring to this as our redneck vacation and it's funny how much it came to fruition once it was out there... a bird even pooped on my head while we were soaking! EZ was pumped the whole time and Sully was just a sweet little thing. We stayed in a hotel in Layton so we could wake up and spend today on Antelope Island and EZ was SO FUNNY talking to people in the lobby area. "Hi! What's your name? Mine is EZ. My full name is EZ Red Forlup! My whole life is red!" hahaha. He started saying that once he realized his middle name was red and there were a lot of things in the world that are also red... so random huh?!? He's so funny and so random and always tells people all the details of what we're doing all the time & sort of has no boundaries in a very friendly way? We can't even count how many people he talked to over these 2 days.

Antelope Island was quiet and pretty and just so nice. And that Great Salt Lake! We'd never been (well, I went as a kid but a long time ago) and it really was great. We tried to do a hike but right when we were parking EZ started crying big crocodile tears and said "I feel sad because I'm so tired!" It was so sweet that he's like old enough to express himself (and he really looked very tired too.) So instead of a hike we drove around the island while he napped in the car for an hour. But once he woke up he was stoked to go to the beach, and by golly we were too! It's pretty! And it was so warm (like 50 degrees on this here February 12th. What up!) It was a really nice two days and we're so glad Matt's office decided to move buildings so he'd have a few extra days off work to party with us. We came home feeling refreshed and even have sun kissed faces to boot!

Sully is really into pointing at everything and it's awesome.
We stayed at the hot springs for 2 hours and even watched the sun set.
tatonkas! in the wild!
i think he turns back into a baby whenever he falls asleep.
what up ninja wagon! (you know, instead of our turtle wagon) oh, and SULLY'S FACE.

 aaaaaaaand scene.