Tuesday, June 9, 2015

they're all making the same face (and i love it)

This is my favorite picture at the moment. They're all just caught off guard eating and all with the exact same face. Yes, please.

these are just a few photos from Zion National Park when we visited in May with the Thorup clan. I made that video, and therefore didn't take many photos because it's hard to focus on more than one thing getting done while also trying to make sure no child falls into a river.

Monday, June 8, 2015



so many of the pictures of them together have EZ squeezing Sully almost too hard. EZ lacks physical boundary awareness sometimes that we're working on (really though, he doesn't understand boundaries), and it's just so hard to resist such a squishy subject of your adoration. I mean, I get it.

Now that Sully can walk & hold his own in wrestling matches, these guys are sort of learning how to "play" a few times a day. EZ basically wants to Sully to leave him alone, and Sully just wants to be as close as possible to EZ... and sometimes it works and sometimes it backfires and everyone ends up crying. But they have "silly time" before bed and it's pretty darn silly & full of wrestling (which looks like it hurts to us, but they are both laughing so we just go with it.) I can see similarities popping up between then, but also can already sense some of the different ways in which they function & it's sort of like a hands on science experiment on how two species learn to get along. Fascinating stuff, this brotherhood.  

eight craaaazy nights (i mean, years)

Matt and I celebrated our 8th year anniversary back in April. We're just plowing through the years and it feels long and short all at once, but always really solid. Matt and I having been really working on making our relationship top priority because it's so easy for it to slip into "comfortable." We recently went to a couple's intimacy and pasison workshop and it was super fun. We learned a few new skills and even had some really intimate, sincere moments in a room full of 50 other people, so props to the teachers. We've amped our communication game up tenfold the last few years, and we're constantly working out the kinks (but willing and happy to do so... even when wading through the uncomfortable parts.) It's so nice to feel supported and wholly loved by one single person, and we're just trying not to take that for granted.

We were in Disneyland for our actual anniversary and since we had stellar babysitters with us & a fantastic hook-up from a friend, we dined at Club 33 that evening! It was SO fancy and fun and Matt's dreams were MADE. Mine too, actually! We tried not to geek out about everything and play it cool (I was very bad at this. Very. Like, potty jokes at the table and blushed cheeks at the waiter's attention bad.) The food was delicious (5 courses & it was fancy!), the Club feels very cozy and elite but not overly so, and it really did feel like a once in a lifetime special experience. I am so thankful Matt put it out into the universe and made it happen (like he so often does in life, because he's great. Ugh, so mushy but I just can't help it.)

And now some photos! Starting with the doorbell ;) And the beautiful new entrance (it's in New Orleans square.)
The courtyard, where they gave us cucumber water & hot towels for our face/hands. Matt's beard & stache fit in like a dream.
They even made our desserts extra fancy (notice the tiny chocolate ears! the details!) That one on the right is a chocolate molten cake with coffee ice cream and a burnt marshmallow on time with some chocolate ganache and also some orange marmalade too? It was INCREDIBLE (just like the whole evening.) Happy 8, Matticus!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

zion national park video!

i planned a vacation every month of this year, so it probably looks like a perpetual vacation is happening with us... which i'm not mad about.

i made a video about our family Zion trip last week (since i'm still trying to amp up my video skills!) it was such a great trip and we all love this tradish SO MUCH. thanks david & carole for making it happen!!

Zion 2015 from Carla Thorup on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Disneyland 2K15 dos

the adventure park in california adventure is so great. what a nice escape from the noise and colors of the rest of the park. we spent one full evening in here and the boys were so happy. and it was so fun to have cousin Leo with us during the trip! cousins elevate the magic & the fun.  

and here's uncle Josh. we love this nerd and were lucky to have his presence with us during this trip. even when he poses ridiculously all the time, at least he gives the best shoulder rides to EZ and is a great roller coaster partner ;)
here is the whole group together! David and Carole and Josh came, then our two individual families with the boys (meg's sweet baby maggie rose stayed home.) it was so nice to share the magic with grandparents & uncle as well as have all the extra sets of hands (srsly, so freaking great.) next time we come we're bringing everyone though, because we missed our other people. those mickey light sabers from Bibi were the best things, thanks Carole!!  (also, last time EZ met lightning mcqueen he was so sick cutting molars... and tiny!)

Disneyland 2K15 uno

we spent 4 days at disneyland with some family two weeks ago and i can't stop thinking about it. this trip was everything good and magical and awesome. the boys matched clothes most days and that made it even bettah. and i will forever go to my grave saying how much i love the city select stroller. it's seriously the best. hands down. just like sully's face always, but especially during a parade. i'm sort of going out of order with posts and days and pictures because i need to gather it all up from phones and cameras etc, but i just wanted to start. 

look how my big boy turns into a sweet sweaty baby while sleeping right before the Pixar Parade. the boys took turns sleeping every single day and it was amazing. sullivan clapped all the time when he heard music, was super focused during the parades, and ez just kept waving and waving and hugging (and sometimes groping) all the characters. it was so magical.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

oh, sullivan.

this baby.
 this baby of mine.
oh sully. he's just the freaking best. recently i've been obsessed with him more than my normal level of obsession. i go through phases like this with each of my children, where i can barely stop myself from eating their faces because i just am not sure i can live one more minute with their cute selves without eating them. it's such a physical reaction that words don't even seem powerful enough to explain the extremeness.

but yes. my sullivan. up until about 5 days ago, he was a caveman. he grunted and growled and roared, but wouldn't make any type of word sounds. he actually still hasn't said his first word, but is barely starting to form actual letter sounds as he babbles. just tonight he was trying to say "boom" with me and laughed hysterically at how silly it all was. like i was making it up that "boom" was a word. it's extremely cute, but the caveman grunts were also amazing. and his OH! he says OH! like it's going to save someone's life. it's ferocious and animated and almost always he's pointing up while he does it. his strawberry blonde hair is wispy but thick and compliments his ocean blue eyes and soft button nose. he still curls his toes most of the time & it makes putting shoes on him difficult.

he crawls like a gorilla still and climbs like one too, but does not seem ready to walk just yet (at least without a walker or hand hold.) he loves to try to sneak into the toilet water, likes to sit on the very top step of any staircase and scare the shiz out of us by bouncing up and down, and will climb anything in front of him. we've nearly found him on the bathroom and kitchen counters when we place a stool just so.

he naps usually twice a day, still wakes up at night too regularly, and has started to panic cry when i'm out of reach when he's tired in public. he seems to be very independent, will solo play for hours, and crawls around public places like he's never heard of germs. by the end of the day he's usually covered in a mixture of all things dirty and slimy and sticky. he lights up in public and around people and seems to be following his extroverted brother's example.

he's asleep right now, but i kind of want to go hug him and smother him like only his smother knows how. heart eyes heart eyes heart eyes.