Wednesday, July 30, 2014

party party party hats

Yesterday was the best day. I over-grammed on Insta all about it, but I still have more to say. And more pictures (soooo many in this post but I love them all.) And more enthusiasm because it was just so great.

We layed out a new car rug with presents on top during the night, so when EZ woke up to use the bathroom at 6 AM he saw the pile and whispered "Mom... are those PRESENTS?" And then he said, "Let's just look closer at the carpet." (it was still dark because it was early and it was raining outside.) And since I had just fed Sully and he wasn't totally back to sleep yet, we flipped the lights on & got Matt out of bed to start the birthday celebrations!

If there was only one thing to say about EZ it would be that he's enthusiastic. He gets excited about anything big or small and is a top notch present receiver. He flipped over his new dinosaurs (Brex the T-Rex & Arnie the Triceratops are the names he gave them immediately) and then flipped again over some new cars. We ate donuts and sang happy birthday and then played all morning being dinosaurs and fighting dragons and crushing cars. His brain is so awesome & he loves pretend play so very much.

Matt and I have a rule that if at all possible, birthdays should not be spent at work. So Matt took the day off and we had planned on taking EZ to Cowabunga Bay water park, but with 70 degree weather and thunderstorms... that wasn't going to happen. So I grabbed the coupon book, we dressed in our gym clothes, dropped Sully with his grandma, and high tailed it over to Classic Skating. We spent over two hours chasing EZ around the bouncy houses & slides, shooting nerf balls at each other, roller skating, eating slushies, and climbing around the jungle. It was SO FUN. I am so glad it was raining because I think EZ enjoyed Classic so much more than a water park! We left our phones in the car, were DRENCHED in sweat basically the whole time from playing so hard, and played until EZ was ready to sleep. It was so fun being alone with each other with nothing to do but play... and Matt and I are already scheming a date night to go back! Ha.

EZ napped for almost three hours while Matt and I finished party prep... and hallelujah! the rain stopped so we could have his party outside like we had planned. EZ invited a few neighbor friends along with his cousins for a Dinosaur Stomp and (not to brag) it was DINO-MITE. Matt and I weren't stressed, the kids seemed to have fun, there was plenty of food and the weather was great. Everyone was so generous with their gifts and there weren't any huge meltdowns. EZ ran up and hugged every guest when they arrived and was so happy to have his friends and cousin friends at his house for his dinosaur party! (I wish you could hear him say it... he has these inflections that make it so good.) Also, Matt made the watermelon dinosaur and he also made the fondant Buddy cake topper (from dinosaur train)... but it melted and fell over right when the party started. Whoops! EZ was a bit confused at the wreck of a cake when he blew out the candles, but otherwise no big deal.

The kids went on a Dino Stomp with me leading the pack around the yard. We stomped & practiced our roars, sang a dino song & game, climbed a "mountain" to go down the slide (a new addition to the backyard!), and then dug for dinosaurs in the sandbox (another new addition to the yard! we finally have a kid yard! booyah.) Then we ate EZ's favorite foods (watermelon, cheetos, and cupcakes) and sang to the birthday boy before opening presents. Friends stayed for one hour and family stayed a bit longer and it was just the best night. I really love when things turn out better than you even dreamed. And let's just give a giant shout-out to Sully who is the sweetest, squishiest, chillest baby. And for everyone who held him during the party so I could focus on the big kids!

I love my people. We always take the happiest pictures on birthdays (and also forced ones... like this last one of EZ. He wanted to run off but I guess he understood that he owed me this picture! And also I'm not sure he'll ever stop wearing his party hat.) 

Yesterday is going in the books as a mighty good day for the Thorups! We're so happy to have a three year old! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

happy 3rd birthday, ez red!!!

It's your BIRTHDAY!!!!

You are officially fwee (three!) Sometimes you're too smart for your own good... but we like your sass and love your spunk. You sing songs about everything, are SUPER excited for a dinosaur birthday party (with friends and cousins, mom!), and never stop talking. Seriously, we don't remember what silence feels like sometimes ;)

We love you, EZ Squeezy!! Let's have "the best day ever!" (He says that like three or four times a week... it's pretty awesome how every day outdoes the day before!)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

my baby

We're nearing the 5 month mark this weekend and I keep thinking that's too many months for my squishy baby because he just seems too little to be one month away from half a year. He doesn't really roll much because he hates tummy time and I don't make him (I'm a sucker) but that's actually okay with me because I like when he just stays still and plays with his hands and feet. EZ can make Sully laugh the most and we've been trying to carve out time each night for the brothers to bond over silliness (even though it delays bedtime and sometimes the parents aren't as patient about that as we could be.) Sullivan loves water & does very well in the pool (which is good because it's wicked hot out right now.) He does his best laughs and coos and smiles when you give him undivided attention with lots of eye contact and kisses. Or if you let him suck on your knuckle... this kid loves that. He constantly drools and is wet allllllll the time. He does not poop enough and we sometimes have to coax it out of him when he's backed up enough to cause major grumps. Last week my milk supply dropped and we had three days of sad sad sully bear because he was mad & hungry with his lack of food. We ended up using around 10-15 ounces out of the freezer to supplement until I was able to increase my supply (I had to eat more calories! Breast milk survives off of ice cream and burgers in my opinion.) He's pretty chill and goes to sleep unassisted most nights (after a little bit of snugged rocking to calm him) and we're almost ready to start with real food. He's not great at swallowing without sucking though... so using a spoon is proving to be way harder than I remember with EZ. So we're not in a hurry. He takes great naps as long as we stay home and allow him too... which is difficult to do because we're trying to avoid mush brain from Netflix for his older brother. I sometimes feel sad I don't have all the time to stare at him and caress him and marvel over him since there's always more I could/should/ought to be doing these days... but that's just life. And also, he really does love EZ so much that I have a feeling he'll want EZ's attention equally as much as mine... so there will always be enough to go around. Sully arches his back a lot and it makes me feel like he's stressed out too much. Relax, dude! I think he's starting to think about getting teeth, but so far nothing has popped through. He's not as chubby as EZ was, but he's holding his own in the squish department. I love most his big, navy blue eyes and how much he loves grabbing my hair and pulling my face closer to his. OKAY OKAY, WE GET IT. YOU'RE AMAZING ;)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

so much i could write about

and because there's so much... i seem to fall silent. aw well, at least i take a lot of photos.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

sully d 6.20.2014

Sully is a squishy piece of heaven. He's a good eater, a good sleeper, and has the best eyebrows. He's a week away from 4 months old, hates tummy time (and therefore doesn't do it much and so isn't even close to rolling over! ha.), has big blue peepers and looks a lot like his mom (and also EZ). Matt and I spent two nights at girl's camp this week and he did great with bottles of pumped milk at the grandparent's house (and we all survived being away from each other, phew.) He smiles a lot but saves his rolling laughter for special occasions. He loves water and has big, chunky legs that splash splash splash. He has grabby hands and has learned how to heartily suck on his fists while he soaks through all of his clothes with drool. It's good to have a Sullivan in the family.