Thursday, April 10, 2014

a six week sullivan

he has perfected his scowl face & rarely can we coax a smile out of him while he's awake. he's a fairly serious baby and is either perfectly calm and sweet or wildly unhappy... there is little in-between-those-two-emotions right now. he's also pretty gooey since along with a clogged duct & his acne, he's started with some cradle cap too (which we're trying to nip in the bud with rigorous oiling.) he still curls his toes & his legs like a newborn and is very floppy (which we love.) he's definitely packing on the pounds and is looking chubbier each day. his eyes are starting to turn blue (especially when he's in a blue shirt) but they are still navy dark. he smiles a lot when he's sleeping and still sucks his bottom lip in (just like ez!) he's mostly still doing every 3-4 hours with food and usually freaks out every night for 30 minutes to an hour where we aren't sure why he's unhappy (belly? food? tired? witching hour? what? what?) and it usually stops when he's swaddled tight and then left alone in his bassinet. he's still sleeping in our room, but mostly because i'm scared to have the boys share (but i want him out soon... he's a grunter and noisy!) he loves the ergo carrier and movement is his friend. ez is still really gentle with him (fingers crossed that doesn't change) and sometimes when i see sully from across the room i gasp because of how much i miss him when we're not touching (like i'm missing a limb.) ooooh man it's nice having him around.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

not every day, but some

yesterday was pretty idyllic in our camp.

we kissed the husband off to work with smiles and cinnamon roll covered plates. the baby nursed and slept and nursed and slept all day without much crying or complaining in between. the toddler (who really seems more like a boy) was helpful during chores and put himself down for a nap when it was time. the mother cleaned and laundered and cooked with satisfaction and fulfillment in her step.

forts were built and pirate ships were sailed from the front room to shark infested waters while passing by friendly crocodiles. skateboard and scooter were ridden with wild abandon and "fighting gear" was donned as we crossed swamps and ate lunch. dishes and kitchen were cleaned as podcasts were heard and dishwasher hummed. sleeping baby was swaddled and rocked as a book was read and laughs were shared through texts and hashtags.

afternoon was filled with a visit to the farm where ducks were fed as ninjas scurried about honking at geese. tiny lambs were touched and tractors driven as giggles and squeals abundantly filled the sky. swords were drawn and towers were climbed, slides were slid and chases ensued all the while a baby cooed from the stroller.

then welcome homes, dinner on the table, a short scurry to find lost glasses, then a trip for diapers and treats before lights out and cuddled tv time.


from the outside it appears so simple and ordinary, but days like these are the most memorable for the extraordinary simplicity of a life so beautifully curated and maintained. it's not everyday housework is fulfilling or playtime so rewarding or children and parents so well behaved. it's not everyday where kisses are more prevalent than quarrels or smiles outweigh the tears or happiness triumphs the hard.

but occasionally, the days do come. so we will enjoy them and embrace them and remember them fondly with words and photos and lingering feelings of gratitude.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

san francisco in january

Remember that one time when me and some of my best girls went to San Francisco for a weekend? Only if you follow on insta... since I didn't blog it. But I do because it was fantastic. I was like 33 weeks pregnant and quite ripe, so it's funny to look at these pictures now that I'm over one month postpartum.

Our girl, Krystal, and her family moved away from our neighborhood last September and we missed her so much we decided to hop on a plane sans kids (hallelujah) and go see her. Plus, San Francisco!

Krystal was 13 weeks pregnant when we visited... and she even pretended she wasn't that sick for us ;) We seriously have the best neighborhood for girlfriends and this is only a small sampling of us together. We could have packed the plane with even more ... and maybe we will next time! (And Krystal is coming back to visit us this month... so yay!)

We had bipolar weather the first day in the city where it was overcast, then turned freezing & wet (when we were on a double decker bus tour mind you), and then cleared up for a nice sunset. We got selfies of strangers & tried to take our own selfies on other people's phones (mission accomplished!) We had an excellent tour guide who basically made it hilarious to be sopping wet and riding on the top deck of the bus while on the freeway, we took "mandatory cell phone breaks" and then tried to ban cell phones the rest of the time, we ate delicious food & shared almost every meal like true sister-wives or something even closer. We walked and walked and walked some more all around the various parts of the city and did a little bit of shopping wherein 18 bras were purchased between the 6 of us (victoria secrets sale!)

The 2nd day in the city we awoke bright and early (after we took turns trying to rid the garlic from our bodies from eating at The Stinking Rose! woof!) to head on a bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. What fun! It's something like 8 miles total and super enjoyable, and then we took the ferry back to the city to return the bikes, throw on a few extra layers, and then walked like 10 plus miles all around the city once more. Bi-rite salted caramel ice cream still haunts my dreams, we got to the painted ladies after literally the worst tour guided bus (basically the exact opposite of the first day) and it was dark, and then we walked and walked until we couldn't walk any more (seriously, my pelvic bone was so achey by the end!) It was only 2.5 days but it was certainly packed full of parties and girl talk and food. Bless girlfriends and weekend trips! And friends who move but still want to hang out ;)

Jen, Megan, and Brooke in the back with Melanie, me, and Krystal up front.

Until next time! CUT.IT.OUT.

Friday, March 28, 2014

month one

sweet little sullivan turned one month old yesterday. a whole month of snugs and late nights and swaddled burritos and velvety skin. he's just about 10 lbs already and steadily growing every minute it seems. he has a huge case of baby acne along with a clogged tear duct and peeling skin to make him quite... gooey. but also a little dry and crusty? it's funny how the first two weeks a baby is all sorts of smooth and perfect and then they have a few weeks (or could be months) of sticky. it appears we don't care if he's sticky though, as his daily dose of smothering has continued.

one month down and i'm feeling ... a lot. sometimes good, sometimes down, sometimes super pissed, sometimes so full of happy. the whole spectrum that's to be expected with parenthood all wrapped up in a few weeks of roller coaster emotions. i try to take each emotion or stage with stride knowing it won't last forever and if it's here, i may as well feel my way through it. the angry parts are the hardest to navigate as EZ drives me bonkers with his naughtiness and instead of being able to roll with the toddler punches, i am yelling and snapping at him more than ever. i'm at least aware of it, even if i don't always handle it maturely. and matt... well he gets the brunt of it as well and i'm trying harder to stay quiet when i'm feeling super charged because it's not always useful to talk my way through what could be moot after i've just slept a little.

sully looks a lot more like me than EZ did, and i find myself laughing sometimes when i look at him with his big eyes and his glade nose because it's sort of weird. like, hello little sort-of-carla baby. he still turns red at the slightest deep breath or cry, and exercises his lungs frequently (especially during diaper changes and while switching sides during nursing.) he's loud, but i'm hoping that just means he's passionate.

i've been surprised as to how well the transition to 2 kids has been, especially when we have planned activities outside (i'm always a better mother when we go outside.) i'm mostly thankful to everyone who helps us, because it seems like more than ever i'm feeling a sense of community with the people who surround us. it takes a village, and i'm so thankful to have one.

Monday, March 24, 2014

baby daddy

he's constantly teasing Sully with his nose
he walks around lifting him up in the Lion King style (song included)
he changes all of the diapers once he walks in the door from work (weekends included)
he's spent a lot of one on one time with EZ to keep him entertained while mama is recovering (farm! park! walks! mini bowling!)
he constantly wakes up in the middle of the night just to "feel his chest breathing" or ask "is he ok?"
he loses patience when putting pants on his children (it's so funny how this sets him off.)
he gives full mouth kisses and tight snugs on the daily to all of us.

we sure like you, matty bear.